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Qology Direct is comprised of forward thinking marketers specializing in all aspects of the buying process. While other companies concentrate solely on acquiring new customers, we focus on a more complete picture. By using online marketing tactics which deliver results from start to finish, we keep in mind the total satisfaction of both our partners and the consumers.
At the core of our business model lies the principle of positive consumer engagement, while user experience is found at the forefront of every decision we make. As creative yet analytical professionals, technology has been used along with an expertise in direct consumer engagement to create the leading performance-based marketing company we are today.

What We Do

Using fundamental marketing practices, Qology Direct combines sales and technology to create the demand that kick starts the buying cycle.
We use the nationally recognized brand name of our partners in conjunction with our strategic processes for every aspect of the interaction we have with consumers spanning from lead generation to conversion. A wide variety of channels are used to efficiently target a population of consumers that would have otherwise been unaware of services available to them.

We direct the flow of sales and marketing between our partners and prospective customers to deliver information from one to the other.To maintain a steady stream of quality customers, we use effective sales strategies to maximize the potential of every click and call. Through detailed multi-channel tracking and analytics, we are able to study every angle of the customer’s interaction to ensure continued and increased conversion rates. Given that we have so many touch points from interest to purchase, we have become well-versed in all aspects of the buying cycle and therefore own our right as a leader in the industry.

How We Do It

Our Partners
Our partner relations allow us to offer the latest promotions to an extended reach of potential customers.

Our Channels
Demand is generated effectively using each marketing channel to reach a larger audience.

Our Sites
Through our sites and sales representatives customers can find, order, and set up services seamlessly.

Our Customers
Tracking and analyzing customer interactions allow us to maintain positive experiences.

Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates
It Pays to be Part of the Qology Network

Qology Direct Network offers affiliates the opportunity to partner with the nation’s leading companies in a marketing program that includes high-conversion promotions and industry leading pay outs. Qology Direct Network affiliates have a wide selection of programs to choose from with products in various industries.

Take advantage of customized retail creative and detailed channel tracking along with a team of dedicated account managers who provide guidance and professional marketing assistance. Earning potential is unlimited with an affiliate program that has proven to be among the best in the industry. Start seeing results today.

Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

The partnerships that Qology Direct has with Fortune 200 companies are unparalleled in the industry.

Together/United we provide products and services that are available to over  95% of the United States.

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